Zelda’s Horse Name: The Powerful and Graceful Storm

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Zelda’s horse has been a beloved companion in The Legend of Zelda series. While in the games, it is often simply referred to as “Zelda’s Horse,” fans have given it the name “Storm.” This unique name is not officially canon to the series but holds special significance for enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the origin of Zelda’s horse name and the reasons behind its popularity.

The Origin of Zelda’s Horse Name

The name “Storm” is not derived from the main series of Zelda games. It can be traced back to the Valiant Comics, a non-canon source. In this adaptation, Zelda’s horse is explicitly named “Storm.” While these comics may not be part of the main Zelda lore, the name has resonated with fans due to its powerful and graceful connotations, which align with Zelda’s character.

Storm’s Appearance in Valiant Comics

In Valiant Comics, Storm is depicted as a majestic white steed. The character’s name symbolizes strength and agility, which perfectly complements Zelda’s persona as a powerful and graceful princess. This portrayal in the comics has left a lasting impression on Zelda enthusiasts.

Storm’s Symbolism

The name “Storm” carries deep symbolism. It represents the idea of overcoming challenges and adversity. This symbolism is fitting for Zelda, who often finds herself in challenging situations and must exhibit strength and grace to overcome them. Storm symbolizes the resilience and determination that defines Zelda’s character.

Zelda’s Horse in the Games

In the main series of Zelda games, Zelda’s horse is not explicitly named. It remains a constant companion, assisting the princess in her quests. This allows players to use their imagination and give the horse a name of their choice, with “Storm” being a popular choice due to its association with power and grace.

The Influence of Fan Names

Fan creativity plays a significant role in naming Zelda’s horse. While “Zelda’s Horse” is the official term, many players prefer to give it a name that holds personal significance. The popularity of “Storm” as a fan-given name showcases the impact of fans on the series and how they contribute to its lore.

The Connection Between Zelda and Storm

The name “Storm” highlights the connection between Zelda and her loyal steed. It symbolizes the bond and unity between the two, as they face challenges and adventures together. The name becomes a representation of their shared journey.

The Power and Grace of Storm

Storm is not just a name; it signifies the attributes of a powerful and graceful companion. Zelda’s horse, whether officially named or fan-named, is known for its loyalty and assistance in the game. It complements Zelda’s character, emphasizing her strength and elegance.

Naming Your Own Zelda’s Horse

The ability to name Zelda’s horse in the game adds a personal touch to the player’s experience. Players often choose names that reflect their perception of the horse’s qualities. “Storm” represents an ideal choice for those who appreciate the power and grace of their trusted steed.

The Popularity of Storm

The name “Storm” has gained immense popularity within the Zelda community. It’s a testament to the impact of Valiant Comics and the significance of powerful and graceful symbolism in the series. Fans continue to embrace the name and associate it with Zelda’s horse.

The Legacy of the Name

“Storm” has become a part of Zelda’s legacy, even though it’s not officially part of the series. It demonstrates the enduring influence of fan culture on beloved franchises and how fan-created lore can become an integral part of a series’ identity.

The Impact on the Zelda Community

The name “Storm” has had a profound impact on the Zelda community. It fosters discussions, fan art, and fanfiction, all centered around the powerful and graceful attributes it symbolizes. This name has brought fans together, strengthening the bonds within the community.

The Appeal of a Powerful Steed

Zelda’s horse, whether known as “Zelda’s Horse” or “Storm,” represents the appeal of having a powerful and graceful companion on the hero’s journey. The name “Storm” encapsulates the essence of what players seek in their trusty steed.


In conclusion, while “Storm” may not be an official name for Zelda’s horse, it has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Its association with power and grace aligns perfectly with Zelda’s character and the adventures she embarks on. Whether in Valiant Comics or fan culture, “Storm” has become a symbol of the enduring legacy of The Legend of Zelda series.

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